Extinguishers & Signage


GINGE-KERR Luxembourg expanded its activities and created an extinguisher department in 2003.


Today, more than 1,000 customers trust us to carry out the maintenance of their extinguishers, fire hose reels, emergency lighting systems and, recently, smoke detectors.


Ginge-Kerr has a comprehensive range of portable and mobile fire extinguishers, covering all types of risks.

Our turnkey solution for you!

We assist and advise you in establishing an offer in line with your requirements, from the sizing of your protection system (numbers, type of products, locations), prevention, training to the maintenance of all systems, whether or not they have been installed by us.

Did you know?

According to Article 20 of the Grand-Ducal decree of 24.10.1938, permanently pressurised cylinders must be checked annually and subjected to a new pressure test every 5 years!