Maintenance & after-sales service

The concept of service has always been particularly important to Ginge-Kerr, which today is the only company in the Grand Duchy that has in-house resources capable of ensuring the maintenance of all your active and passive fire protection equipment and installations.


Our management tools provides you with real-time monitoring of our actions, offering you better visibility of intervention schedules, reports, equipment status, etc., all managed by A SINGLE CONTACT PERSON with specialised teams dedicated to each technical element. 


This ensures optimal service by reducing your management costs and streamlining your expenses. 

You can also make use of our technical hotline, which guarantees rapid intervention 24/7.

In addition to carrying out new works, we carry out weekly, monthly, semi-annual and/or annual maintenance according to your needs on our own installations as well as on existing installations.



Maintenance of wet, dry, glycol, deluge or pre-action systems

 Metallographic analysis of destructive (sampling) or non-destructive (ultrasound) pipes

Sprinkler thermal sensitivity and K factor analysis

Inspection, repair and maintenance of water reserves

Maintenance of electric and/or diesel pump units

Fire hose reels, hydrants, dry standpipes, etc.


We also provide repairs, after-sales service, modification and adaptation of networks.

Did you know ?

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is still the Grand Ducal Decree of 24 October 1938, which sets out the conditions to be met by containers intended for liquefied, compressed or dissolved gases.