Compartmentation & Shielding

Protecting the areas of a building against fire requires considering the risk of the fire spreading as a whole. Since fire needs oxygen to feed itself, it looks for every possible way to spread.


However, a building incorporates in its design (or created during its development) a certain number of passages between rooms, whose very existence represents a risk of the fire spreading.

“A greater risk than it seems”

These passages represent a greater risk in the event of fire, because they connect all the rooms of one or more buildings, and allow the fire to spread. The danger is then carried to all points of the building simultaneously.


We therefore consider the protection of service ducts, ventilation ducts, cable trays, pipelines, etc., taking into account the requirements for intervention and operation.

The fire-resistant cladding and sheathing of the passages at risk, also called “fire-resistant closures”, is one of the essential means of preventing the spread of the risk in the event of fire.

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