Kitchen Hood Protection

“The risk of fire is omnipresent in a kitchen.”

Whether it is a technical or human failure, the consequences of a fire can be disastrous. This is why it is important to use extinguishing means adapted and specific to the various elements that constitute a professional kitchen.

Since not all automatic kitchen fire extinguishing systems are the same, Ginge-Kerr has chosen to work with renowned and certified suppliers to offer you effective solutions and meet the sanitary and economic requirements of your kitchen.


Our fire extinguishers department also offers special safety equipment, such as first aid kits, bandage dispensers, fire blankets and special extinguishers for fires caused by oil and grease. This equipment is suitable for use in all kitchens!  

Did you know?

The ILNAS-EN_16287-7 standard in paragraph 4.2.2: If we are installing a fire-fighting system in a kitchen, it must protect all appliances that involve oil/grease as well as ventilated ceilings/hoods and duct inlets.

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