Gas Extinguishing

Gas extinguishing systems are mainly used in the context of fire protection of enclosed spaces. Depending on the nature of the risk, its configuration, the space(s) to be considered, our engineers can guide you towards the most appropriate solution. 

For protection from electrical or liquid fuel fires, you can use ARGOMATIC, our solution using IG-55, an inert gas comprising 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon. It is particularly effective because it is highly efficient and safe for personnel, creates no decomposition products and protects the environment. 0-ODP and 0-GWP.

Extinction gaz

ARGOMATIC optimally reduces overpressure openings by regulating the flow during the ejection phase. This range also has special diffusers for use in the protection of computer rooms and server rooms. These ejectors, commonly called silent nozzles, combined with our regulation technology, help limit the noise level below the critical threshold for the latest generation hard disks. The components of our solution ARGOMATIC are, including the pressure drop calculation plan used by the engineers in our design office, VdS-approved.

The use of NOVEC 1230 could also be considered for the protection of small spaces. This system requires a small storage space, and represents, at the required concentrations and ejection times, a useful alternative for protection from electrical fires.


Among the solutions using a chemical agent, it is undoubtedly the one with the best environmental characteristics with an ODP equal to 0, a GWP equal to 1 and an atmospheric lifetime of 5 days. However, as its ejection creates flows of overpressure and underpressure, its use requires a precise study that Ginge-Kerr engineers will be able to carry out.

While inert or chemical gases have replaced carbon dioxide (CO2) for the protection of personnel rooms, these systems are still used for the protection of certain industrial equipment.


It is important to note that these installations require precautions to be taken for the safety of people and to take into account the fact that the cooling effect, which is sought for the extinguishing, can damage the equipment that is intended to be protected.


Thanks to their high level of expertise, our teams will be able to offer you the most suitable solutions integrating state-of-the-art equipment for the safety of your personnel and your equipment: Pneumatic time-delay blocking valves, DIMES sensors for continuous monitoring of the load in your tanks, FIREDETEC hose for detection of your risk areas, among others

Did you know?

ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) is a scale used to classify the harmfulness of the action of different gases on the ozone layer. All gases with an ODP greater than or equal to 1 have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer. 


GWP (Global Warming Potential) is an indication of the harmfulness of a gas in relation to the greenhouse effect over a given period of time; the reference is CO2 whose GWP is 1. The higher the figure, the more the gas contributes to global warming.

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