Electrical Cabinet Protection

Electrical supply or process cabinets are essential elements for the smooth running of companies, and it is therefore important to prevent them from being affected by a fire that could have serious consequences for the future and sustainability of the company. 

Ginge-Kerr has several specific and stand-alone solutions for this type of risk. The choice of the solution is based on various criteria that our engineers can discuss with you.

armoire electrique système firedetec


Based on a pneumatic technology consisting of a continuous linear detection tube that reacts to the heat (approx. 110 °C) released by a fire, FIREDETEC is a highly reliable extinguishing system that usually uses CO2 as the extinguishing agent. The fire is thus automatically extinguished at its source. It can be used on all types of cabinets, whether sealed or not, and can also be used for other applications.


The EXXFIRE system is a vacuum detection and fire extinguishing system specifically designed for use in sealed spaces. Using an innovative extinguishing technology based on the use of a nitrogen generator at room temperature, it is particularly recommended for the protection of process cabinets or electronic equipment due to its ability to detect smoke well before flames appear, thus minimising damage.


A version based on temperature detection (68 or 104 °C) is also available.

armoire electrique exxfire

Did you know?

The solid nitrogen storage process used by EXXFIRE is a patent filed by ASE (European Space Agency).

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