Water & Foam Extinguishing


In this section, we do not wish to discuss the protection of buildings, logistics halls, production halls, car parks, etc., for which sprinkler systems are generally the solution and our team of specialists will be able to offer you the most suitable system.

The protection of special risks such as installations using hydrocarbons, storage of pellets, protection of vehicles, spray booths, road tunnels, certain production equipment or recycling centres, require the use of spray water and/or foam.

The solution will be chosen according to various criteria that our engineers will analyse to offer you the system that is most suited to your requirement. 

Wich solution to choose ?

Depending on this study, whether it is a question of implementing low or high pressure systems, whether this pressure is generated by nitrogen tanks, electric pumps or using other methods, whether additives must be used or not, we will be able to offer you the solution that suits your requirement using our own resources or by relying on the support of our partner FIREX for the use of MARIOFF high pressure water spray systems or ONE SEVEN for the use of CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) solutions.

Ginge-Kerr brings you its global expertise

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